Bion Institute is an internationally renowned scientific research foundation conducting tests and issuing certificates in the field of (ultra)weak emission. This includes objects with a supposed protective energy influence on people, water or space, the influence of various (bio)energy therapies and methods, and also the quality of water sources.

Bion Institute is one of rare institutions measuring the effects of ordinary non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and (ultra)weak emissions that cannot be measured by conventional measuring devices.

It is true that even unconventional devices are not yet capable of reliably measuring their physical or chemical effects. In many years of research, Bion Institute developed a series of tests which enable us to use human organism to detect such weak emission and determine its general physiological effects. This is why we can give a valid assessment of the supposed influence of weak emission devices, or of human influence; doing it as a stimulating or a protective agent against negative radiation from the environment.

What do we test?

Products that work on the basis of subtle field / energy (information)

  • mattresses and pads for relaxation and improvement of sleep quality

  • products and devices for protection against radiation of mobile phones and other electronic devices

  • protective products for mobile phones and computers

  • stimulating (vitalizing) radiating devices

  • glasses, plates, bottles and dishes

  • devices influencing human organisms

  • diagnostic devices

  • pictures, paintings, and other art items

  • clothes, jewellery, and decorative objects

  • substances (energised salt, ionised water)


  • (bio)energy impact on people
  • (bio)energy influence on water

Water and area

  • energy quality of water sources

  • energy influence of a living area, working space, and energy spots in it or in nature

parallax background

Testings, analytical data processing, and statistical data interpretation represent the core of scientific process


  • the tests are conducted in a manner of clinical tests, meaning that the final evaluation eliminates the subjective factor – placebo

  • if the tests show statistically significant differences between the results of the tested agent and control, this confirms a real influence (therefore not a subjective - placebo based - one) of the product, person, object etc.


  • the supposed influence of the tested (ultra)weak emission is verified by certified methods mostly involving physiological measurements (EKG, EMG, EEG, breathing parameters etc.)

  • all results are processed in a standardised way, and subject to computer analysis and statistic evaluation


  • the certificate is a guarantee that protects you against prosecutions of a market inspector that would accuse you ofmisleading consumers, since our tests offer proof of real effects of influences that are otherwise difficult if not impossible to measure and make objective

  • the certificate is a guarantee that your product has effects on human organisms where it is supposed to work


  • our work is socially responsible, for it sets a certain order in the market of products and services, thus protectingthe providers of products and services, as well as their costumers (consumers)

  • our testing procedures are submitted to the highest standards; we are also constantly improving them

    Elena Sofia Seničar
  • I decided for a test at the Bion Institute because I’m a therapist. I work with people and it’s usually difficult to explain to them what exactly energy is and how it works, as it does not exist in material form, one can only feel it. I wanted to show and to prove to myself and to other people that this energy exists, that it works, and that it can be scientifically “measured”. … I believe that these certificates offer a successful way to sort wheat from chaff, and they can enable people to really choose between verified therapists.
    Elena Sofia Seničar