Bion Institute

Bion, Institute for Bioelectormagnetics and New Biology is a private research institution founded in 1990. Soon after that, if was registered as a research institution at the Ministry of education, science and technology. Since then, it is officially recognised as research institution in the Republic of Slovenia. In our long history, we mostly conducted fundamental in applicable research in the field of bioelectromagnetics, including exploring interactions between electromagnetic fields and organisms. In connection to this field of research, the institute oriented towards measuring and proving the effects of weak emissions that have either a direct influence or they influence through fluids. We continually improve our knowledge and experience, we present our findings at international congresses and in scientific publications, and for the past 15 years we also develop practical applications of our research.

We are thus one of the rare research teams in the world to start laying the foundation for standardisation of this kind of tests. Through years of trials, studies, and verifications, we developed objective and scientifically measurable procedures for testing products, objects, areas, or people who are supposed to have beneficial weak emission influence that is difficult if not impossible to measure by traditional standardised tests. We first started testing products and energy therapists in Slovenia, but over the last few years we expanded our work and we successfully offer our services also to clients from abroad.